NBSAP Accelerator Partnership Takes the Stage at SBSTTA Side-Event

In a recent gathering of environmental leaders and stakeholders at the 25th meeting of the CBD’s Subsidiary Body on Scientific, Technical and Technological Advice (SBSTTA) the NBSAP Accelerator Partnership made its mark during a side event titled "Supporting the implementation and monitoring of the KM-GBF: How can different regional and global initiatives and processes complement each other to foster greater impact?" The NBSAP Accelerator Partnership was represented by Eva Gurria, its Governance and Partnerships Lead.

Promoting Unity in Biodiversity Initiatives

One of the key highlights of this event was the emphasis on unity. The Chair introduced a selection of CBD (Convention on Biological Diversity) and regional and global initiatives, processes, and projects that are currently in development or underway. The goal? To promote a harmonious approach in supporting the implementation and monitoring of the KM-GBF (Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework).

The Power of CBD Processes

Colleagues and experts presented insights into CBD processes. This included discussions about the Informal Advisory Group on Technical and Scientific Cooperation, which serves as a backbone for technical assistance and cooperation. Additionally, the role of CBD regional technical and scientific cooperation support centers was highlighted. These centers play a pivotal role in facilitating collaboration at the regional level.

The CBD Clearing House Mechanism was showcased, along with novel tools designed to bridge national efforts with the outcomes of ongoing initiatives. Colleagues delved into the Ad Hoc Technical Expert Group (AHTEG) on indicators and the Knowledge Management for Biodiversity (KM4B) initiative. These initiatives aim to bolster national capacities in knowledge management to support evidence-based biodiversity planning, policy development, decision-making, and monitoring for the achievement of GBF goals and targets.

Regional and Global Initiatives Unveiled

The event also featured an array of regional and global initiatives. Regional presentations highlighted the ASEAN Center for Biodiversity (ACB), fostering cooperation and coordination among ASEAN Member States, the Cooperation for the Convention on Biological Diversity (CO-OP4CBD) of the European Union, and Biodiversa+ - the European Biodiversity Partnership. Each of these regional initiatives contributes to the advancement of the GBF through cooperation and knowledge exchange.

Global initiatives were no less impressive, with presentations on the Global Knowledge Support Service for Biodiversity (GKSSB), the GEF-7 Early Action Support Project, the National Monitoring Initiative, the Post 2020 Biodiversity Framework, the Belmont Forum, and UNDP's Digital Transformation Framework and Digital Readiness Assessment. These global initiatives are essential building blocks for the implementation, monitoring, and review of GBF progress, ensuring we are on the right path towards a sustainable future.

The NBSAP Accelerator Partnership: A Force for Change

Eva Gurria delivered a compelling presentation on the NBSAP Accelerator Partnership's objectives and plans to accelerate action to achieve the GBF. This country-led initiative, spearheaded by Colombia and Germany, seeks to accelerate the implementation of GBF-aligned NBSAPs (National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans). The NBSAP Accelerator Partnership aims to elevate ambition and action for biodiversity by supporting ongoing initiatives, building the technical and institutional capacities of countries, facilitating access to finance, providing knowledge management and exchanges, and collaborating with partners to mainstream nature into national development plans.

The SBSTTA event served as a platform for convergence, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing among those committed to the protection and preservation of biodiversity. The NBSAP Accelerator Partnership, along with various other initiatives, stands as a testament to the collective determination to safeguard our planet's biodiversity. Through unity and coordinated efforts, we move forward in our mission to create a sustainable future for present and future generations.